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With over 20 years experience, our office is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services. We provide timely personal service and treat each client’s concerns as if it were our own. We provide legal representation that is both practical and zealous in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Divorce and Family Law

Divorce & Family Law

Divorce Mediation

Mediation can be an effective way of resolving your Divorce in many cases. Attorney Greenberg is able to provide mediation services with a goal of resolving all issues pertaining to your Divorce resulting in an agreement that is fair and agreed to by both parties. You should be aware that while many Mediators are Attorneys, a Mediator cannot provide legal advice to either party.

If you have engaged the services of a Mediator, it is recommended that you seek legal advice from an experienced family law Attorney in order to know what your legal rights are prior to mediation. It is also advisable to have any agreement that you have made reviewed by an attorney to make sure that you fully understand the terms of the agreement, it's implications and that it accomplishes your goals.